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[24 Jul 2006|08:18am]

you lazy fucking crackheads start updating.
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check it [23 Sep 2005|02:50pm]


hmm..usually I use popcans to smoke my pot out of..but today..
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[13 Sep 2005|04:35pm]

Any one live in the philly area with a solid way to find rocks? Cause it seems like there is little to none to be found by a little white girl from the burbs
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[21 Aug 2005|07:40pm]

My sister bought a crack pipe instead of a MJ pipe. hahahah
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[31 Mar 2005|07:12pm]
Anybody got any ideas about how i can acquire some of this tasty rock, i sure would like to try some
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[21 Feb 2005|08:18pm]

Hi henry! lol
Im addicted to crack cocaine. I know i am because me and my boyfriend used to spend like 200 dollars every other day. Sometimes more then that. It was bad. But i love this shit so much. My boyfriend was the one to always get the shit. So i dont know how to get it now that hes away. I need some damn help. really...I need to vent...Anyone from Albany Ny or near Albany?
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[10 Feb 2005|06:08pm]

Does anybody know where i can get a crackpipe?
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[01 Dec 2004|08:05am]

Hello everyone,

My first post comes in a poem. Please don't hate to read about drug use in a new.

"Flirt they up.

Arturo says we should drink rum before we smoke, because he says they are getting weak. We are smoking cocaine based rock later on. They pay for it, welfer, social security.

If it's Cliff, we get two 30's for 50, and if it's the Spanish Chris, one 8ball for 75. Arturo makes them call, but they.

And so my name is Danny, and this isn't the first time for rock, but never livejournal is. Thank you for they."
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[08 Nov 2004|04:11am]

hello henry

i'm more of a cokehead, but i've smoked crack before. in fact, i saw a band (well, i guess you could call them that) called otto von shirach a couple weeks ago and i could've sworn they were passing out bags of crack and lighters to the audience, but this was on halloween so maybe it was just candy. either way, i didn't get any of it unfortunately.

i also saw this group called dj acucrack recently, and i think crackhead's the name of their latest release.

have any of you heard of or do any of you crackheads listen to gwar? i vaguely remember one of them smoking crack (or at least pretending to) in one of their videos. sorry to just talk about music, but i'm more addicted to that than anything really. i prefer to do cocaine before concerts though, because i think everything sounds better when i'm caked.
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[30 Oct 2004|01:05am]

I want to make crackheads: the musical.

think about it. crackheads singing and dancing at the same time! maybe some jazz squares and snapping fingers.
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[27 Oct 2004|03:49pm]

Bitches and hoes
Bitches and hoes
I cant believe I havent been banned from here yet.
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[23 Oct 2004|02:38pm]

[ mood | numb ]

what is it called when you put freebased cocaine into a cigarette and smoke? it makes the "crack" popping and it sure as hell smells like it....is it still called crack though? just curious ;)-meredith

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[25 Sep 2004|12:35am]


Join scorexcore
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[12 Sep 2004|05:08pm]

[ mood | bored ]


Anyone ever try croak?

Somehow.. Stone Temple Pilot reminds me of coca.

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[03 Sep 2004|12:41pm]

the crackhead that lives in the garage next door has a 100 dollar aday habit.
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[25 Aug 2004|11:26am]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

So yea, I desperately wanted to see my boyfriend yesterday so I got a ride from my 60 year old crack head neighbor. My boyfriends staying in west detroit so this guy decided to kill two birds with one stone and pick up a 40 dollar crack rock on our way. After that he decided to test it out to see if it was real crack, so he whipped out his crack pipe and started smoking. I made him roll down his window so it wouldn't get it in my face (even though I love that crack...mmmhmmm), on the way down Rosemont all he talked about was how much he loved eating pussy. I asked him why he wouldn't shut up and he said "b/c crack really makes me want to eat pussy". He said thats basically all it did for him. T'was an interesting experiance.

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Smoke my crack. [23 Aug 2004|01:13pm]

[ mood | weird ]

mmm... that crack is some good shit.

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hahah [23 Aug 2004|03:33am]

[ mood | tired ]

omg zak this is crazy. you n ur crack. you gotta lay off that shit man...hahahhaha...henry? wtf!? u crazyy


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Pipe [21 Aug 2004|02:03pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I never used a can(yuk) or a sort of big round pipe in glass to smoke crack. Me and my friend always stickd to our pot pipe..(even thou I dont smoke pot..yuk again)

It goes so well:)
With a scring and some ashes and there ya go..:)

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crackkkk [21 Aug 2004|01:45pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Okay so crack, I do it just with my best friend(never did it with anybody else, we talk and tell how each puff is..lol I know its weird).Ive been doing it for 3 years now. We sort of have the control over it...she lives 3 hours from my place, so once a month, I go get her. And we do 300 or more$ of crack each day for 3 days.

then she goes back and I stop thinking of it. But sometimes I do think of it..just the taste, the puffs...


But its okay..I do other stuff and go back to my everyday life.

Im going to get her in 1 week!!party!!

its so weird how it can be so good at the beginning of th e night and after it becomes all weird..and not cool.

hit that shit

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