jOZEF (vcr_funeral) wrote in crack_r_us,

hello henry

i'm more of a cokehead, but i've smoked crack before. in fact, i saw a band (well, i guess you could call them that) called otto von shirach a couple weeks ago and i could've sworn they were passing out bags of crack and lighters to the audience, but this was on halloween so maybe it was just candy. either way, i didn't get any of it unfortunately.

i also saw this group called dj acucrack recently, and i think crackhead's the name of their latest release.

have any of you heard of or do any of you crackheads listen to gwar? i vaguely remember one of them smoking crack (or at least pretending to) in one of their videos. sorry to just talk about music, but i'm more addicted to that than anything really. i prefer to do cocaine before concerts though, because i think everything sounds better when i'm caked.
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